Big Homie Lil Homie Mentoring program intends to make an impact in the lives of these young males by building strong, trusting relationships, positive attitudes, and life skills through mentoring and life experiences. BHLH assists in uplifting our young males by molding and shaping them into GREAT men of society.

Through our program, the organization conducts male outings, discussions, and educational assistance geared towards leading and guiding youth in a positive light. All these are made to help make a difference in the lives of young males who are the audience/participants in our program. Creating a good role model and a positive environment brings out the best in children. Possessing a positive attitude will help in transforming a life, regardless of what a child is experiencing in life - making our youth become tomorrow's leaders and role models.

We have many stories of helping students from failing out of high school to graduating from high school and attending college. We have also had two young students learning their true wealth and put down their gang ties in order to become a positive individual in this world. We have had students who were struggling with self-identity and self-love. We have wrapped our arms mentally around by spreading self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance.